Feedback on Overlay TestNet

Hi early community members! Thanks for taking the time to try out our testnet~

Let us know what you love, hate, or don’t understand about Overlay. We’d love to hear from you!


Hi administrator, let me test it, the webpage is very flow, but in
On the Unwind page, I want to clear all the inventory when I am Amount to Unwind. Can I add a button? Small comments, can you give me some test coins?


good feedback! Mainnet product should def have a max button.

And sent!

Can the window be set to be movable
When necessary, will not obscure the background
If I suggest good, please give some encouragement :smiley:


After I built a position, there’s nothing changed on the left bottom “Your current positions” section


Did you check out the “Unwind” section?

Sometimes a quick refresh will fix it, testnet can be wonky :confused:


If we can set stop-profit and stop-loss, it will be a very practical function.
When I set an positios, it will automatically unwind after triggering.


Yes, the new position is in unwind tag. I just assume it should also appear on the main screen.


请问我也可以有一些testnet OVL吗?





Can I get some OVL?I can not Bulid New Position…


Thank you all guys!

Hi mate,should you give some OVLs first than i can use and feedback?
My address:

we definitely need a dark mode. and as I said in telegram, Overlay’s font should be considered in main page. Just “O” logo would be fine.


Hey Jakcs
Can u send me test token ? I wanna post overlay market on my blog and let koreans know this.

here is my address

Hi there Jack, could you send me some test tokens so that I can use the product, thanks!

Hey there, we’re all out of testnet tokens currently. Stay tuned in Telegram/Discord for other ways to get involved!

ok, still waiting patiently

Position ETH|USDT short leverage 10x
02.04.2021 3-28 p.m UTC price ETH 2014.48604529 USD (4.0h TWAP) price real on chart is 2068 . Also at 3 p.m. UTC price was 2081 my Liquidation Price: 2014.62696035 USD I was not liquidated. Why ? 03.04.2021 8-40 a.m. UTC price ETH 2104.15330253 USD (4.0h TWAP) price real on chart is 2109. Can not see my position. Outstanding Liquidatable Positions is empty. Where can I find information about my position? 0x616dF3DA84b0cb183F5D466775E0aeA6cfBAc1b9

may i get some testnet ovl?
thanks a lot !

Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 14.45.15

Hi guys. I had a short on ETH with the liquidation price of 2122, but my position when it reached this price was not liquidated.
It means that something has happened with the oracle.
I tried to get the remainder of the position and I succeeded. Despite the fact that I was able to write in the OVL field, all the amount that I had in position 0.985.
It would be great if I could see the remainder in the position, not just the - or + in the PnL and price with fees that I need to pay in OVL for transactions.

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Thanks for the feedback @chewdone! Good point on displaying the remainder of the position.

As for liquidation, I believe it’s bc the testnet is not using any liquidation bots so it’s likely that no one manually liquidated you!

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