(OGP1)- Should we convert into Dogs from Cats?

This is a fun governance proposal to practice the governance of the Overlay Protocol. Even though the main aim is to have fun and explore the governance practice, the community, of course, can make the decision to change the Overlay mascot from Cats to Dogs

We’re getting closer to the end of the testnet day by day, and can’t wait for the launch of the Overlay Protocol mainnet.

As y’all already know, Overlay is being governed by Planck Cat DAO NFT holders and we want Overlay to be GOVOOORND by the community more than anything, so wanted to kick off the governance with some funny and unique practice.

My governance proposal is going to be “Should we convert into Dogs from Cats?” and you guys, the PCD NFT holders are going to select “Yes” or “No”.

If we convert to Dogs, we’ll change the DAO’s name to the Planck Dog DAO, and start to post Dog memes instead of Cat memes.

We’d love to discuss about it on the forum and discord before turning it into a Snapshot poll, so I’m asking you guys, WDY think about PLANCKDAWGS?

cat is best haha

I vote NO, even though I like dogs better.

This is a pretty funny suggestion. I will vote no for the following reasons:

  • cats rule dogs drool
  • all our memes are in cats, so it would be confusing to switch now