(OGP3)- Rewards program with OVL distribution

*** This is a governance proposal to start a rewards program with OVL distribution ***

Overlay Protocol has recently shared a Mirror article called ‘Litter Box 1, OVL and rewards program’.

Per that article,

  • Overlay is launched on Ethereum Mainnet
  • OVL token is live. Through a Snapshot vote, the DAO will decide the initial community distribution
  • ETH/USDC is the only open market as of today, no markets will be added without the green light from PlanckCat DAO
  • Approval of distribution needs to happen via DAO
  • OVL has no liquid market and there are no plans to launch one during Litter Box 1

The proposal is offering to start a reward program while distributing OVL to the community, details can be found in that Mirror article above.

After the criteria of Overlay Governance Framework met, a Snapshot poll will be open, and PCD NFT holders will be able to vote.

These are two options which are going to be offered on the Snapshot:

  1. Implement changes
  2. Request changes

Don’t forget that we want you to participate in discussions both on Discord and Forum before moving forward. So, let’s discuss about Litter Box 1!