Overlay Governance Framework (OGF)

As of today, Overlay Protocol is being governed by Planck Cat DAO (PCD), a DAO for Overlay contributors to participate in Overlay Protocol via PCD NFT’s.

PCD NFT holders are able to vote on the governance proposals and decide the future of the protocol. Not only that, they can also open their own governance proposal but there’s a framework they must follow before opening a Snapshot poll. Any proposal that is not following the Overlay Governance Framework (OGF) will be deleted immediately, or will not have an impact on the protocol.

Overlay Governance Framework(OGF)

-Once you have a proposal in your mind. You need to discuss this with the community on the Overlay Discord under the #Governance channel on the Planck Cat DAO section.

-You have to bring this discussion to the forum, with a related OGP (Overlay Governance Proposal) number. For example if it’s the third proposal and the proposal is “BLA BLA BLA?” The title should be “OGP3- BLA BLA BLA?”. Once your proposal is ready, share this too on Discord to make sure the community is also seeing it.

-After you have enough discussion and temperature check, you’re ready to get PCD NFT holders’ opinions. What you need to do is to ask Planck Cat DAO members if they think it should be on Snapshot. You need to ask this on Discord under the #Governance channel on the Planck Cat DAO section. There’s a minimum emoji limit for your message. If more than three or more Planck Cat DAO member react with a brain emoji ( :brain:) to your message, that means you can open a Snapshot, otherwise, you’re not allowed to open.

-Discuss on Discord and Forum.

-Get three brain emoji ( :brain:) reaction from at least three PCD members.